BB#02 - Underrated Final Girls with Heather Wiese

Episode 2: BB#02 - Underrated Final Girls with Heather Wiese

Show notes

Welcome to Ball Busters: a podcast about lethal ladies, scream queens, man-mangling martial artists, and ferocious female freedom fighters from every corner of the world.

This time on the show, we dive into horror for the month of October and discuss some of our favourite and underrated final girls from slasher history! Joining us on today’s show to discuss these bad-ass survivors is none other than Heather Wiese, who you may have heard on Movie Melt, Songs on Trial, Junkfood Dinner and much more!


  • Heather’s introduction (2:07)
  • Notable ball bustin’ movies and shows we’ve been watching (6:03)
  • Defining the Final Girl (27:34)
  • Discussion on Scream Queens (45:25)
  • Other Final Girls we’d like to talk about (1:02:17)
  • 20 Questions: Final Girl Edition (1:10:00)

Feature Presentation: Underrated Final Girls (1:17:45):

  • Heather: Amy Steele as Ginny Field, Friday the 13th Part II (1981)
  • Carlo: Pamela Gidley as Amy Harding, Aberration (1997)
  • Dan: Deborah Benson as Constance aka Connie, Just Before Dawn (1981)
  • Shea: Letícia Román as Nora Davis, The Girl Who Knew Too Much aka Evil Eye (1963)

The Ball Busters theme song was written, composed, produced and performed by Casey Lyons aka Target & Hondo.

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