BB#01 - Gaea Girls (2000)

Episode 1: BB#01 - Gaea Girls (2000)

Show notes

Welcome to the debut episode of Ball Busters: a podcast about lethal ladies, scream queens, man-mangling martial artists, and ferocious female freedom fighters from every corner of the world.

For our first episode, we discuss the origins of the podcast and what we aim to achieve through our future episodes before diving into documentary film Gaea Girls from 2000 (directed by Kim Longinotto & Jano Williams.)

This tough documentary pulls back the curtain on Japan's Gaea Girls as we witness the brutal and intense training regime that many professional hopefuls must go through before being allowed in the ring full-time.

Notable timestamps for this episode:

  • Show Goals & Looking Forward (1:16)
  • 20 Questions (31:24)
  • Feature Presentation: Gaea Girls (49:55)
  • Ratings (1:29:11)
  • Further Studies: Other Wrestling Movies We've Watched (1:31:18)
  • Suggestions for Next Episode & Sign Off (1:40:33)

Other notes and credits:

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